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Cheng Chi
Li Wen Chen
Winnie Chiang Vice President and CCO

ELTA TV officially opened on Chunghwa Telecom's MOD platform in 2008, as the first full HD family channels in Taiwan.
At present, it includes "ELTA Sports Channel 1", "ELTA Sports Channel 2", "ELTA Sports Channel 3", "ELTA Drama", "ELTA Variety", and a number of international famous channels.
ELTA original 4K programs are broadcasting in China, Singapore, North America and the rest of the world, winning many fans overseas.

Operate the programming, marketing, publicity and promotion of various channels.

Services include: channel agency, program license trading, development and promotion of cross-industry alliance and public broadcasting, media public relations and customer service operation and maintenance, advertising business engagement and solicitation, new media platform integration and service, project planning and execution.

Jiro Chen Deputy Manager

This department handles information about inter-platform marketing, effectively developing added-value services and applications and providing comprehensive solutions for new media.

Internet technology is constantly developing and expanding, bringing greater demander for added-value service, and we use digital TV, the Internet, mobile phone platforms and channel data sources to assemble comprehensive channel platforms and other new media.

The hievent Online Video Streaming Service provides the most professional direct broadcast multimedia marketing service; a one-stop solution provides companies with the simplest and most effective cloud multimedia helper.

We apply our extensive experience in special cases and our outstanding capability in system integration to incorporate government agencies, telecommunications operations and large enterprises into system platforms.

We specialize in customized development of APP and other difference operation system.
We use creative new cross-platform integration and direct digital mobile broadcast technology to provide broadcasts of sporting events, dramas and other special activities as added service for mobile phones.

Provide PHP / .NET development, and introduce Docker Container mechanism to operate.

Adopt industry standard development process, customize the process with customized requirements, and use GitFlow to combine CI/CD concepts.

Develop internal operation system, integrated interface to facilitate management of internal processes of the company.

Introduce the concept of DevOps to redefine the software delivery process in order to enable it to support the needs - being fast and stable.

Integrated development of audio-visual platform and e-commerce, including:

  • 1. Payment Flow System & Membership Mechanism & Shopping Cart Core Mechanism & Sales Marketing Mechanism & Product Core Mechanism
  • 2. Video streaming services & data analysis statistics.
  • 3. Third-party systems cascade applications and services.

The core functions of our Cloud Team are to develop a range of cloud solutions for massive data analysis, cloud storage and media content management. Our Cloud Team provides advanced cloud solutions which integrates Hadoop into ELTA's products. Innovation is the most important mission of ELTA, thus our Cloud Team strives to develop useful products to increase our competitiveness in the Cloud market.

Lenny Huang Supervisor

ELTA’s Visual Design Center is made up of a tight core of creative designers. They are highly skilled in a range of areas including Internet design, interactive digital media design, digital media artwork, print design and other applications. They are teamed with outstanding marketing strategists and creative concept developers to use their visual creations to fit the tastes and needs of every client and meet targets for brand promotion and marketing.

Jeacky Chen Director
  TV production control department:

ELTA's TV production control department is integrated by the master control team and the secondary control team. This highly experienced team worked seamlessly together during many world-class mega broadcasting events. For instance, the 2012 & 2008 Summer Olympics, the 2014 & 2010 Winter Olympics, the 2014 & 2018 FIFA World cup, the CPBL baseball games, the MLB baseball games, the NBA basketball games, the World Women's Volleyball Tournament, the Corporate Men's Volleyball Championships, the Asian Junior Women's Volleyball Tournament, the 2009 Kaohsiung World Games, the 2009 Taipei Deaflympics, SBL games, and the 2008-2009 NBA season and NPL baseball games.

The master control room staff is made up of master control directors and master control engineers:

Master control directors: Monitor channel operations on a 24-hour basis, handling program schedules, maintenance of on-screen data streams and live broadcast operations.

Master control room engineers: ensure that hardware and equipment are in top working condition and that communications lines for live broadcasts are in sync.

The secondary control room staff is made up of secondary control directors, secondary control assistant directors, and audio engineers.

Secondary control directors: Direct and produce programs

TV engineering department is carried out by a staff of experienced specialists including a post-production editing team, VOD post-production team and engineering team.

This allows us to assign multiple tasks to individuals and to assign several individuals to a single job to carry out AV production, program shooting, editing, special effects, subtitling, dubbing, delivery and Internet digitization and other necessary jobs.

Extensive experience and creative approaches to everything from editing to live broadcasts, handling projects such as press conferences, music concerts, seminars, government and civic meetings and other large events.

HD direct-broadcast technology and post-production capability through our MOD-ELTA TV channels, applying AV digital engineering and HD engineering in all of our digital storage through specialized processes.

Michael Chen Vice Director
Max Hung Vice Director

The production department consists of professional sports reporters and anchors in Taiwan. Instant broadcast, event commentary, professional interviews...they have aboundent experiences and strong strength to achieve. We focus on international large-scale sports events and keep promoting Taiwan sports competitions to people.

Provide daily global sports news, relevant news of various events, as well as the Chinese team's game situation and the dynamics of the players' real lives.

Provide professional broadcasts of important events around the world, and deliver accurate information on match events, battle data, players' current situation and analysis of combat strength.

Produce sports-related programs, inviting senior commentators, outstanding players, and coaches of each project to discuss various sports topics together, providing audiences with a comprehensive analysis of the battles.