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With Web2.0, Internet services have progressed along with digital technology, yielding a rich assortment of sources to meet growing demand. ELTA Technology has more than a decade of experience in Internet technology development covering every aspect from basic website and system construction to the integration of rich and creative Internet marketing, all with excellent results.
ELTA offers these features and services:
 Website and system construction Internet Marketing
1. Branded operation and integration
2. Construction of e-retail websites
3. Development of multimedia websites for features and service
4. Design of OEM image websites
5. Development and integration of systems and databases
6. Maintenance and updating of websites
7. Management of main computers
8. Rental of Internet space and bands
1. Creative planning of Internet promotions
2. Planning of comprehensive Internet marketing
3. Handling of Internet communities
4. Complete planning of Internet AV direct broadcasting
5. Internet Marketing
ELTA’s Internet Features and Services offer the following advantages:
  • Fast and comprehensive planning and capabilities in Internet content features
  • Effective and complete AV resources including idols and celebrities, variety and drama, sporting events, lifestyle/travel and other types of programs with high-grade content and Internet features and service
We can offer advanced DRM security to ensure that any and all content used in our Internet features and services is safe from unauthorized access and broadcast
Name:  hievent Online Video Streaming Service
    • Description: A one-stop cloud multimedia service corporate marketing tool
      Hievent integrates Chunghwa Telecom's cloud multimedia streaming technology with Elta's high-definition multimedia production and broadcasting, and provides companies with a superior multimedia rebroadcast service. Hievent can be viewed on multiple screens, and allows personal photographs, video, and briefings to be shown simultaneously. Its many advantages include stable online bandwidth and a corporate direct broadcast page, and it can greatly increase the effectiveness of publicity. This one-stop solution ensures that all online multimedia broadcasts, including online analyst meetings and product announcement meetings, can be implemented with aplomb.
      Doing a good job requires the right tools. Multimedia is the best marketing tool for the digital age. The Hievent integrated cloud multimedia broadcast service gives companies a presence in the cloud, and enables them to create a wealth of new business opportunities.