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ELTA TV began broadcasting on October 21, 2008, offering the production, broadcast and marketing of HD programs and sporting events. At the same time ELTA emphasized that it was looking for business partners, to set up more public areas for broadcasting and to speed up development of more HD program content. The company’s aim is to provide HD and interactive TV to the people of Taiwan and Chinese speaking communities and establish a close bond with audiences throughout the world.

Channel content service:

MOD 200 Sports Channel 1

MOD 201 Sports Channel 2

MOD 202 Sports Channel 3

Partnerships with other industries and development of public broadcasting:
  • We work with Yahoo and other Internet-related enterprises to develop HD programs for use in large-screen TV showrooms and outdoor locations. We want to entertain, and we also want the public to be more aware of the value of HD

Media PR and customer service:

  • We maintain excellent interaction with all media, and we deeply value our relations with clients. We are always happy to receive feedback and work endlessly to promote the image of ELTA TV


  • Our comprehensive new media platform is an outstanding tool that can be invaluable in helping marketers to achieve their goals

New media offering three channels in one:

  • We are the only service in Taiwan offering MOD digital interactive TV, Internet access and mobile communications all in one channel

Planning and execution of special projects

  • This includes website events, MOD interactive games, interactive advertising, cooperation in program promotion and other areas

Channel:  MOD ELTA Sports Channel
Name:  2009 ELTA Summer Sports Party
      • A major promotion for the Pacific Division of the Nippon Professional League which brings together sports, fashion, travel and beauty queens
      • While the promotion is being carried out, viewers are allowed to enjoy high definition broadcasts, videogames and videos
      • It was also a great opportunity for advertisers
Channel:  MOD ELTA Drmam Channel
Name:  Love Taiwan with the ‘Love On Air’ HD video contest
    • Carried out in conjunction with ELTA’s showing of the Korean drama ‘Love on Air’, HD clips were shot at many famous locations around Taiwan.

      The results were used to produce a ‘Thank You’ work which was presented on HD broadcasts to show the beauty of Taiwan to viewers.
      As the series was broadcast ELTA’s in-house production ‘Love Taiwan’ was also shown, along with a special photo contest.
Channel:  MOD ELTA Variety Channel
Name:  Just Say No -A Psychological Test for Superheros
      • Bring the viewers closer to characters in the drama so they will be more interested in the story and more people will watch the show
      • Work with partners from other areas of business, Offering books and travel experiences that are related as sponsors, for better contact with the target audience. Create a win-win situation for everyone involved.
Channel:  MOD ELTA Sports Channel 3
Name:  Do you know the Youth Olympics competitors?
      • We held the "Do you know the Youth Olympics competitors?" activity in conjunction with Elta Sports' broadcast of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics. This activity enabled viewers who successfully paired Chinese Taipei athletes with their respective sports to participate in a prize-drawing. The activity helped familiarize viewers with the country's top young athletes, while also promoting viewing of the HD broadcasts of the competitors in every corner of Taiwan.