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Multimedia AV post production:
1. Construction and positioning of AV website
2. HDCAM subtitling and finished production
3. Multimedia production using digital AV files from various sources including HD Cam, Betacam, Digital Betacam, DVD, VTR, cassette tape and other materials
4. Shoot and produce an Internet commercial film
5. Press conference, live show with celebrities, live events to show off broadcast capability
6. Produce a 3D opening for the film
7. Compression technology for mobile AV
8. Formatting, editing and production of music
Name:  2008 Beijing Olympics on three platforms (MOD, hiChannel and emome)
      • The 2008 Beijing Olympics were shown on three platforms via both live broadcast and VOD
      • Many other sports events are available as VOD including MLB games, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, NBA games, NPL games, SBL games, the Kaohsiung World Games, the Taipei Deaflympics, the 2009 Golden Bell Awards, the 2010 Winter Olympics and other contests
Name:  HDCAM subtitling and final production (finishing of videos for ELTA Drama Channel and Variety Channel)
    • ‧ Production of film intro and edits of stars